In my previous blog post I mention 3 things I’m focusing on right now (in order to get to the next level) which I wanna continue on:

Part 1: Emotional/forgiveness

Forgiveness is not something you do once and then get overwith, it’s an attitude that you always use when being anxious or upset. If someone or something is entering your mind with a negative emotion the immediate attitude should be forgiveness and blessing. Example: I forgive this person for the way he/she makes me feel and bless him/her vs How could he/she do this to me? The mind should always be set on forgiveness and love, it’s a lifelong attitude.

Part 2: Intellectual/create a vision

My vision is pretty much set already and it’s crazy how much positive emotion it brings. I want to quote this text from the selfauthoring program:

Clearly defining your future can help reduce the uncertainty in your life, and reduce the amount of negative emotion that you chronically experience, in consequence. This is good for your confidence and for your health. Having well-defined goals also increases your chances of experiencing positive emotion, as people experience most of their hope and joy and curiosity and engagement as a consequence of pursuing valued goals (and not, as people generally think, by attaining them).

Part 3: Physical/ stretching & flexibility

I’m very satisfied with the program at so far and I’m taking it slow while clearly improving and visualizing the future. Visualisation is so much fun and important in order to reach for our goals, and taking practical baby steps together with that is such a great feeling of satisfaction.


I really hope this can encourage someone out there to start taking your dreams and hopes seriously, because it’s definately a journey worth starting wherever you might be in life.

I have a lot of things going against me (to start working towards being a serious athlete at the age of 26 is a bit late for instance) but I have decided to believe because it’s a much greater feeling than disbelief and I don’t want to live the rest of my life not believing in the desires I’ve always had in my heart.

Instagram: nicolerehnstrom

It’s time to start believing (even though it seems impossible) better late than ever!

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